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The 2021 Lemax Pet Collectors Pack is designed to make your Lemax Christmas villages more pet friendly. We read somewhere if dogs are “Man’s best friend“, cats are “Man’s ambivalent roommate“. These packs are designed in Australia, and even better is you save $80 when you purchase this pack over individual items.

This Christmas pet pack includes 17 pieces:
1 x Pets Pics Photography
1 x The Dog House
1 x Gathering Firewood
1 x Tug of War
1 x Merry Milkman (Set of 4)
1 x Multi Tasking (Set of 2)
2 x 6″ Bristle Tree
2 x 4” Bristle Tree
2 x LED Bulb Moonlander Lights
1 x 3x Output A/C Power Adapter