Description: The Red Lion Inn is the heart of the town. Established in 1774 as a stagecoach stop, this beautiful white-paneled hotel features dozens of windows and charming red doors. Its awning is adorned with Christmas trees, wreaths, red ribbon, and lights. Through the storefront window, you can see the gift shop display, featuring collectible dishware, snacks, and other goodies. Luggage is waiting to be picked up on the front stoop—a sign that family is here for the holidays!

Featuring charming architecture, bustling sidewalks, and Christmas lights reflecting on freshly fallen snow, this painting wonderfully captures the essence of Christmas in a small town. This makes Home For Christmas the perfect inspiration for the newest Lemax Christmas Village collection.
Cover Copy
●    A nostalgic look at Christmas on Main Street
●    A nostalgic look at Christmastime on Main Street
●    A Christmas Eve walk along Main Street

Approx. size (H x W x D)
10.63 x 12.60 x 7.09 inches
27 x 32 x 18 cm

Year Released: 2023

Made of: Polyresin

Product type: Lighted Building

Control switch: On/Off switch

Electrical: Adaptor included

Current:This unit will draw approx 150mA

Village: Christmas & Holiday