Lemax 2024 Bakery and Bread Collectors Pack (11 Piece) – Limited Edition

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Lemax 2024 Bakery and Bread Collectors Pack XII Limited Edition

We are excited to share the 2024 Lemax Collectors Pack, XII. Worth over $200 in value, this pack will not last at $79.95.

The Lemax Baking & Bread Collectors pack is a fun tribute to the unsung heroes who cook for us at Christmas. Imagine a world without gingerbread or a beautifully decorated cake … actually let’s not imagine that!

This Lemax pack is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making your Christmas special.

Whether you are a fan of

Gingerbread: A perfect treat! You can create classic cookies, houses, or even incorporate it into cakes for a warm, spicy touch. Consider recipes with molasses, ginger, and cinnamon for an authentic flavour.
Stollen: An Aussie twist! Adding apple could introduce a fresh, tart counterpoint to the sweetness and richness of the traditional Stollen. Experiment with chopped apples, apple butter, or even a cider glaze.
Panforte: This Italian/Australian fruit and nut cake is dense and chewy, packed with dried fruits, nuts, and spices. It’s a sophisticated dessert that keeps well, making it ideal for gifting or enjoying throughout the festive season.
Shortbread: Always a classic! You can keep it simple or get creative with different flavourings like lemon, cranberry, or chocolate chips.
Pavlova and Wreath: This festive twist on Australia’s #1 desert, and it sounds delicious! Remember to choose ripe and colourful berries for the flavour burst and added visual appeal.
Fruit Mince Pie: A very Christmas treat! You can experiment with different mincemeat fillings or even make your own.

Oh yes back to the Lemax 2024 Bakery and Bread Collectors Pack. This lovely pack includes 11 pieces:

1x Devaney’s Bakery
1x Bread Delivery
1x Bread Peddler
1x Biggest Christmas Pudding
1x Savory & Sweet
1x Bristle Tree – 22.9cm
3x Snowy Juniper Trees – 10.2cm
1x LED Moonlander Bulb
1x Power Adapter 1x Output

ps. and don’t forget about those hot cross buns that arrive in store as soon as correction before Christmas! {insert face plant emoji here} ??

This Collectors Pack and the Lemax Railway Collectors pack do offer terrific value. For a limited time you can reserve yours before they are sold out.

Lemax is the worldwide leader in minature collectible Christmas villages. For many people Lemax is a family tradition with holiday houses, landscaping accessories and figurines. Minature Christmas houses first became popular in the USA during the 1950s. These charming vintage ornaments were originally manufactured in Japan after the second world war. Going back even further the tradition of Christmas villages was thought to have been brought to the USA by European immigrants and followers of the Moravian Protestant Church. Today the Christmas village is incredibly popular and it’s possible to create a whole town from bakery to bierkeller. Many hours of work go into creating a minature wonderland and and many are made more realistic with the addition of sound effects, music and animation. If you want to create your own magical Christmas village, Lemax is the perfect place to start. So many Australians love the tradition of Lemax villages, where you can create endless arrangements for memorable holiday decorating in your home. From Lemax firehouses and carousels to candy stores and more, Lemax has everything you need to make a festive Christmas village in your home. Retiring classic members of their yearly catalogue, Lemax is a collectible brand of Christmas villages, from modest homes to impressive village pieces with lights and music. Beautifully designed, Lemax Christmas pieces are the perfect gift idea or way to bring some festive touches to your home.

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