Lemax 2024 Railway and Train Collectors Pack (12 Piece) – Limited Edition

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Lemax 2024 Railway and Train Collectors Pack XI Limited Edition

We are excited to share the annual 2024 Lemax Collectors Pack, XI. Worth over $300 in value, this pack will not last at $110!

Calling all train buffs and ferroequinologists (that’s fancy talk for train lovers)! Are you ready to embark on a nostalgic journey filled with the hustle of passengers, the clatter of vintage locomotives and the warm glow of gaslight lamps?

The cleverly curated collection, is designed to transport you to a miniature wonderland straight out of a classic Christmas movie. Imagine majestic steam engines arriving and departing the central station of your miniature village, where warm embraces and heartfelt farewells occur every hour.

But that’s not all! This festive 12 piece package includes:

  • 1x East Junction Station: The heart of your miniature holiday village, where joyous reunions and heartfelt farewells unfold.
  • 1x First Car In Town: A nostalgic nod to the dawn of the automotive era, adding a touch of historical charm.
  • 1x Lamplighter: Watch as this diligent figure brings warmth and light to your wintry evenings, one lamp at a time.
  • 1x Letter To Santa: A reminder of childhood innocence and the magic of believing.
  • 1x A Season of Giving: Capturing the true spirit of the holidays, this piece is all about the joy of sharing.
  • 1x Christmas Shopping Date: A sweet depiction of holiday preparations and the excitement that comes with finding the perfect gift.
  • 2x Bristle Trees – 10.2cm
  • 2x North Pole Signs: Essential elements to add anticipation … to whisper the secret … Christmas is on its way.
  • 1x LED Moonlander Bulb: A celestial glow to illuminate your East Junction train station with a soft, enchanting light.
  • 1x Power Adapter (Single Output): Ensuring your village stays lit and lively throughout the festive season.

Designed for both seasoned collectors and those new to the magical world of Lemax, this pack offers an immersive experience that goes beyond mere decoration. It’s about creating stories, reliving memories, and starting new traditions.

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing collection or searching for a unique gift that speaks volumes of care and nostalgia, the Lemax 2024 Railway Collectors Pack XI is a masterpiece waiting to unfold its stories in your home.

Reserve yours Railway and the Lemax Bakery Collectors Pack now before it steams away! Limited stocks available.

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